Sunday, June 10, 2018

Who's Who in the Armchair Planet Universe

I'm been posting a number of new superheroes of late with new artwork, and it's all related to a new rpg project, which is ultimately related to a comics project I'm doing with Jim Shelley and the artist Chris Malgrain. I'm sure I'll post more on that as things develop, but for now I want to talk about the rpg project.

Tentatively titled Who's Who in the Armchair Planet Universe, it is planned to be two "issues" featuring characters and things from the universe of the comic, members of the heroic Super-Sentinels and the villainous Masters of Menace. It will have DC Who's Who style "fluff" entries on each character and stats for the Icons rpg for each. Why Icons, well besides being a good system, it's OGL and it's stats are simple enough they seem relatively easy to translate to other systems (particularly TSR's Marvel Superheroes and its clones), so it will be fairly universal while still providing some stats.

Here's the draft of the statless front page of the Champion's entry:

More to be revealed!


William King said...

Ready when you are!

Mark Craddock said...

May I ask why you haven't used Black the Blackball's FASERIP OGL?

I'm keen either way, simply curious.

Also, if you need any contributors, I'd love to be involved.

Knight of Roses said...

Sounds wonderful! And, like Mark above, happy to help if you need more contributors.

Mike David Jr. said...

This, this I love! The faithfulness to the classic Who’s Who comics of the 80s DC Comics is striking. Count me among the buyers of this project.

Jayson said...

Marvelous! (No pun intended)