Monday, April 9, 2018

Visit Skaro

For those of you not familiar with Doctor Who lore (which I would imagine are vanshing few members of my audience, but still), Skaro is the homeworld of those plunger-armed, shrill-voiced robotic monsters, the Daleks.

According to the map, first appearing in The Dalek Book (1964), Skaro is almost D&D Outer Plane weird. Check out the named locales here:

Seas of Rust, Ooze, and Acid. The Lake of Mutations. The Radiation Range. All pretty dire stuff. Also, don't miss the note on the giant "serpents" of Darren that are really mutated earthworms!

If that's not enough, subterranean Skaro, is just as weird:


Dale said...

This is an outstanding find!

Konsumterra said...

ive got 2 of dalek world books they are great

Bruno said...

This one Whovian is now following your blog! :)

Bunrong said...

ive got 2 of dalek world books they are great

Genting Crown

Anonymous said...

Those maps are fantastic, in all meaning of that word.

I once dropped a party of D&D characters, briefly, into the middle of the Thal/Kaled conflict (ala the opening sequence of Genesis of the Daleks) as part of a set of dimensional rifts they were dealing with.