Strange Stars is a far future space opera setting available now on Rpgnow! Read an overview of the setting here. Some of my inspirations for the setting are listed here. If you want a hint of some of the legends and rumors within the setting, check out this post.

Aurogov A cult that aims at self-improvement through control of its participants lives
Eden Seekers Sapience-rejectionist hyehoon who wish to return to "pure" avian genetics.
Instrumentality of Aom A theocracy for a new age.
Pharesmid Syndicate A one man criminal organization
Space Haulers Truckers in space.

Hannibal T. Early The one man army of the Radiant Polity.
Space Captains Three you could meet.
The Strange Stars Most Wanted Criminals from across the known galaxy.

Caliban Vicious sophontophagists.
Hellhounds Gleaming-skinned  murderers, evolved from a child's toys.
Necromancers Ancient undead seeking the missing minds of their extinct race.
Quicklings: Tiny, winged humanoids living fast.
Slavers Icthyoids with the power to psionically dominate other lifeforms.
Ssraad (red, blue, green) A clade of sophont reptilian monsters, inimical to all.
Xann Hunters: A species that transformed themselves into monsters to get their revenge.

Altair Where angels try to rebuild the broken mind of a god.
Apotheosis Maze Mysterious and ancient structure that offers a chance at godhood.
Boreas A war is being fought in the cold depths beneath a layer of eternal ice.
Circus A giant ring habitat of hundreds of societies.
Deshret Desert planet with treasures buried beneath its sands, guarded by spirits of the dead.
Dodona A jungle full of spiritual, singing trees.
Erato Pleasure world.
Fortuna System: Casinos and a diamond planet on the edge of known space.
Gogmagog See giant robots fight!
Kuznuh Arid home of the Neshekk Banking Clans.
Library of Atoz-Theln: An ancient repository of knowledge with hereditary caretakers.
Rune: A seemingly medieval world of wizards and dragons.
Smaragdoz An emerald city ruled by a consensus psionic manifestation.
Telos A world where robots rule over humans.
Tenebrae A gloomy world with strange treasures and a labyrinth.
Zyanthion A world of pleasure-loving swordspeople where reputation is the only currency.

Algosians Torture cultists.
The Alliance: A multi-species federation promoting peace and cooperation.
Archaic Oikumene 32 gigaseconds ago, the stars were even stranger.
Blesh Gestalt beings with human minds in alien bodies.
Bomoth Caterpillar-like musicians.
Circeans A society ruled by psychic witches.
Deodands Punished with immortality by a posthuman entity for crimes long forgotten.
Djägga They hunt the galaxies most dangerous game.
Engineers Cybernetic crustacean builders of vokun technology.
Gnomes Eusocial asteroid miners.
Hwuru Sloth-like primitives.
Ibglibdishpan Humanoid biocomputers.
Kosmoniks: Mask faced and space-adapted.
Ksaa: Reptillan species with 3 sexes, one more cunning than the other two.
Kuath Bio-armored child soldiers of inhuman aquatic intelligences.
Magi Wandering fortune-tellers who fear the world's unreality.
Minga: A slave race--or are they?
Moravecs Robo-sophonts.
Ngghrya: Trackers with future-sight.
Phantasists Dream merchants.
Orichalcosans Skins of gold and avarice to match.
Radiant Lords The super-powered rulers of the Radiant Polity.
Scavengers Snatching crumbs from an ancient, living doomsday weapon.
Sisterhood of Morrgna A eusocial clade of space amazons.
Star Folk Nomadic hedonists in living ships.
Thrax Clone warriors.
Virids Photosynthetic primitives in a sentient Eden
Voidgliders Vacuum-dwelling sophonts.
Vokun: They grow fat and immobile with age.
Vokun Empire Expansionistic and decadent.
Wanderers Roving asteroid-brains.
Yantra Primitives, powerless against their Vokun occupiers--or are they?
Zao Space pirates.
Zhmun Wealthy and snobbish invertebrates.

Artifacts Rare and sometimes mysterious.
Drive Box Just plug and go--and hope the mind inside is still sane.
Exoskin Extruded spacesuit.
Hyperspace Network An ancient system for cheating Einstein.
Hyperspace Mapping: More details on hyperspace travel.
Intoxicants far future highs.
Starships Sometimes the state of the art is ancient.
Thraxu blade Swords so sharp they can cut through spacetime.
Translation devices And the virus that exploited them.

Random Adventure Generator A work in progress.
Galactic Adventuring Different region, different adventures.

*Meaning anything statted like a monster.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I stumbled into this late, but I love it! The best space opera game out there! Thank you for this.

Trey said...

Thanks. Glad you like it.

Jim Reader said...

just got my print copy of "strange stars"... wow. love it. want more (and just found it here on your blog, imagine that!), but would also really love to see more small (but if you wanted to go large i wouldn't complain a bit) collections of material like "strange stars".

Trey said...

Thanks, Jim. I'm glad you liked it. I will likely have other stuff coming in the future, though I don't know when they will be at the moment will still working on the Strange Stars came Stuff. You might enjoy Weird Adventures. You can check out my index on that and see if it's your cup of tea.