Thursday, December 19, 2013

Space Fiends: Marauders from Hyperspace!

Some time ago, I did a post about using AD&D Fiend Folio monsters in a science fiction context. This post is a follow-up. it's not set in any particular sci-fi universe I've presented, any more than the write-up of the monster that inspired it was.

No. Appearing:1-4
AC: 4
Hit Dice: 1 (or better)
Saving Throw: as per class and level
Attack Bonus: +2
Damage: 2d8+2 mag rifle, 1d8+1 monoblade
Movement: 30'
Skill Bonus: +1
Morale: 9

Gathyengi are a xenophobic humanoid species who act as pirates, striking from hidden bases within hyperspace. They are theorized to be descended from humans abducted by the psionic Masters from Earth millennia ago to serve as both labor and food source.

Gathyengi (sing. gathyen) are ectomorphic, almost skeletal in appearance. Their skin is dusty yellow to the color of parchment, and leathery. Their skull-like faces, solid black eyes, and pointed teeth (likely ritually sharpened) give them a fearsome appearance in keeping with their reputation for violence.

A gathyengi raider will have a crew compliment of various classes, similar to any human vessel. A raid will be led by a captain of 4-7th level, depending on the size of the ship. It is likely there will be at least one combat psychic among them.

All gathyengi can shift back into hyperspace at will. Whether this is an innate ability or technological is unclear. Dead gathyengi shift back into hyperspace as well, thwarting attempts at close examination.


Anonymous said...

Nice adaption. Do they take prisoners (who vanish with them into hyperspace) or just leave carnage behind?

Trey said...

Thanks. Mostly, it's just material goods, but they sometimes take captives for who knows what purpose.

garrisonjames said...

Nice--always liked the Fiend Folio. These are some tough customers. Very cool.

Gothridge Manor said...

I think gathyengi are the perfect target for conversion. Organized space pirates, an on going nemesis for a campaign. They make a great enemy you need to keep a watch on or find yourself breathing space.

Chris C. said...

Nice, I like this.

Trey said...

Thanks, guys!