Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Special Snowflake Called Azurth

Art by Jeff Call
Humza K, author of the Legacy of Bieth and newest Hydra Cooperative member, has started a series of interview posts at the Hydra blog about "Special Snowflake" D&D settings. His interview with me regarding the Land of Azurth was the first published.

Go read it here.


Jim Shelley said...

Good interview. I agree with your comment about modern tropes being more overused than older ones. - not sure I understand the METAL! comment.

tug said...

Trey can correct me, but I think METAL! refers to the tendency for some D&D campaigns to take more inspiration from 70s and 80s metal album covers than say Tolkein. Great interview, too! Can't wait for the scareoption.

Trey said...

Yeah, that's certainly part of it. Also the idea that "badass" is the only acceptable mode of play.