Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Teen Titans, Go!

It’s likely the British Invasion had almost as much to do with the formation of the Teen Titans as the existence of the Justice League. Robin (Bruce Wayne, Jr.), Aqualad (Garth) and Kid Flash (Wally West), wanted to be superheroes, certainly, but in 1964 the trio of teenage boys were transfixed by images of ecstatic girls in the grip of Beatlemania. They didn't know how to play instruments, but they knew how to superhero.

The kids’ ages varied more widely than the published version suggests. Garth was 17, Wally was 15, and Bruce was the tag-along at 13. At first they were just “The Junior Justice League,” but by the time 13 year-old Wonder Woman protégé Donna Troy joined them they had taken on the Teen Titans name. Their parents/mentors forbade heroics unsupervised—though things did happen. Mostly, though, the Teen Titans did public appearances and youth outreach.

The group disbanded by the late 60s, with several of the members going off to college, but the name Teen Titans would be periodically resurrected by other teenage superheroes over the next two decades. In the 80s, John Hughes made a highly fictionalized film about the original group, which today is considered a cult classic.


Scott Martin said...

Speedy = Spader
Wally = McCarthy
Garth = gonna go with Broderick because
Robin = Sheen (not Estevez)

trey causey said...

Demi Moore

Ian Young said...

Ironically, Robert Downey Jr lost the role of Aqualad to Broderick because of...issues. How time would tell!
Ally Sheedy was brought in for the role of Raven in the oft-neglected sequel, "St Elmo's Firestorm".

JB said...

LOL. Awesome.