Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Wednesday Comics: Suicide Squad Classic

There isn't a comic named Suicide Squad Classic, but I not the original Suicide Squad or to the recent incarnation that got a movie, but to the run that spun out of Legends in 1987. Written and created by John Ostrander and illustrated by several artists over its run, Suicide Squad (vol. 1) would go to 1992 and 66 issues. Ron Edwards has written some good essays about the series on his Comics Madness blog.

Anyway, all this is preamble to my wanting to clue you in to what I discovered this past week: Suicide Squad is now all available in trade paperback. The series of trades is as follows:

Trial by Fire (2011)
The Nightshade Odyssey (2015)
Rogues (2016)
The Janus Directive (2016)
Apokolips Now (2016)
The Phoenix Gambit (2017)
The Dragon's Hoard (2017)
The Final Mission (2019)


Jonathan Davis said...

That's great that they are finally in TPB form. I was inspired by Michel Fiffe's post a couple of years ago and collected the whole series and had it custom bound as a two volume set. Fiffe writes a SS inspired comic called Copra. He went way over the top for his three volume set, collecting a lot of extra materials.

Techno Goblin said...

I still remember Deadshot ensuring that some other guy didn't kill the senator. That series was great!