Monday, November 7, 2022

Ascending to Yai

 Our Land of Azurth 5e campaign continued last night with the party perhaps entering into Yai from a cave and finding themselves in a storage room. A higher tech storage room of on par with some other strange places they've been in the past, but essentially a storage room. 

The cantrip Thaumaturgy came in handy this adventure as it allowed them to open doors they didn't possess the color-coded key card to open, and to inadvertent free two grateful shedu. The shedu, in return warned them of a brain-eating monster lurking about and suggested this structure had once moved through higher dimensions in some fashion. The shedu also revealed they had been subsisting on a store of twinkies.

They road a lift between levels and found mostly storage, but did encounter a robotic watchman who they were able to successfully talk with via magic. He didn't tell them anything they found useful, however. Leaving a storage area, they found themselves in an atrium on a walkway overlooking an expansive garden, gone wild with neglect below. On the walkway, they also ran into an old man.

He said his name was now "the Archivist," and he had once lived in Yai of which this was a sublayer. He took the party for hallucinations, at first. He did note they looked vaguely familiar. He was a foundling, taken in by the people of Yai and so had always been something apart from them. He took this job to catalog their history, but the people of Yai were now only concerned with their entertainments, not their past. He seldom had any contact with them now.

Waylon asked the old man if he had seen any of the Azurth books. The old man thought that rang a bell and said he would go look. He asked the party to wait in the lounge for his return and pointed them the way.


Dick McGee said...

"The shedu also revealed they had been subsisting on a store of twinkies."

I have never felt more sympathy for an NPC in my life. Those poor, poor creatures. :)

'gina said...

As he was running the scene, he simply showed us what these guys had been eating and a twinkie showed up in the chat. I spat my drink. Pure gold!