Thursday, January 16, 2014

Images from the Strange Stars

An image download of a few sophont individuals from the far future:
Garn Singh Hardraker, 500 year-old captain of the starship Brave Ulysses. He claims to have lost his leg to the toxic tendrils of a hydrogen-breather monster captured in the atmosphere of a brown dwarf. What appears to be an old fashion peg-leg is actually programmable matter.

Faizura Dayr, mercenary guard for a bot-breaking crew on Gogmagog. The mirrorshade eyepatch is an optic interface for her smartgun.

His Excellency Volodymir Ivo, Envoy Plenipotentiary representing the Uldra People's Council of Kommissars on Borea. He hopes to acquire a loan at good terms from a neshekk bank to continue to fund his people's war against the Cold Minds.

Mako Orm, a former Zao pirate. He escaped capture by the privateer vessel Thermidorian by use of a bootleg genderswap nanoswarm and enjoyed a brief career as a tour guide on the Strip.


Gothridge Manor said...

A cast of colorful characters. "bootleg genderswap nanoswarm" that's poetry man.

garrisonjames said...

Great NPCs. Some excellent illustrations as well. Love the little details that come through this, like the programmable matter and bootleg genderswap nanoswarm. Fun stuff!

Chris C. said...

Great characters. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite -- I like them all.

Patrick Mallah said...

I wish there was a random character generator that used the information in your head.

Trey said...

@Patrick - Well, I guess there could be. At least some of it.