Friday, January 3, 2014

Space Fiends: Monks from Beyond

I did a post about using AD&D Fiend Folio monsters in a science fiction context. This post is another follow-up.

No. Appearing:1-4
AC: 4
Hit Dice: 1 (or better)
Saving Throw: as per class and level
Attack Bonus: +2
Damage: stun baton 1d8, 1d8+1 monoblade
Movement: 30'
Skill Bonus: +1
Morale: 9

Gathziri are a humanoid species of monastic warriors who line within an ancient megastructure known as the Octachoron, hidden in an artificially created "pocket" of spacetime. They are related to the Gathyengi, though they have more human faces and eyes.

The gathziri and gathyengi have been at war as long as they have existed as separate species, with neither being able to gain a decisive victory. Unlike the gathyengi who aggressively pursue the old Masters that enslaved their ancestral species, the gathziri prefer to hide and have on occasion even had dealings with the Masters. The mystical (yet oddly utilitarian) philosophy of the gathziri emphasizes the impermanence of all the things and the importance of seeking present advantage over holding on to ancient grudges.

Gathziri seldom fly their own ships, but may be encountered on the ships of other races, or on populous but out of the way worlds. The goals they pursue outside their great monastery are inscrutable, but they are willing to utilize violence to achieve them. A group will be led by a brother or sister of 4-7th level. This leader is likely to be a psychic or one might port over the Swords & Wizardry monk class. If so, they will be armed with kinesis wraps (SWN p. 35)

All gathziri appear to be "tethered" to their home in some way, and can escape back through a subspatial portal to it at will. Whether this is an innate ability or technological is unclear. Dead gathziri are siphoned out of normal space by the retraction or collapse of these portals, but where they end up only the gathziri know.


Aos said...

I dig the monestary in a pocket of space time a lot.

garrisonjames said...

Good to see these folks made it into things--the 'tether' is a great touch! Very inspired. All you need now are some space-flumpfs...

Tallgeese said...

The detail that they may be encountered on "the ships of other races" AND that they continue to have contact with their ancient "Masters" - both of those are rather troublesome...

Trey said...

Thanks guys.

@John - Indeed.

Patrick Mallah said...

A brilliant interpretation!

Trey said...