Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wednesday Comics: Mike Barr's Dark Knight Detective

Mike W. Barr's work with Batman has not always been particularly respected. His Son of the Demon was excised from continuity and disavowed for decades, until Grant Morrison introduced Damien. Batman: Year Two, His follow-up to Miller's revision of Batman's origin, is reviled on the internet for being terrible, mainly because Batman uses a gun in it (despite the fact that's exactly what he did in some of his early appearances), but the story is the nucleus of the best Batman movie to date Mask of the Phantasm.

But in 1986, before Year Two, Barr and Alan Davis produced a series of stories in Detective Comics that swam against the tide of the grim and gritty Batman that eventually drowned most other portrayals. These were stories where villains really stuck their respective schticks in planning their crimes, fights might happen in the vicinity of giant appliances, death-traps galore, and Batman called Robin "chum." These stories (and one anomalous Legends tie-in preceding them) are collected in Batman: The Dark Knight Detective volume 1.

Despite some homages to the Batman TV show, this is not Batman '66. Instead it's a slightly lighter (mostly) side of the Bronze Age Batman, that just happened to come post-Crisis. They also have gorgeous Alan Davis art.

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The Angry Lurker said...

I didn't mind him but then again I was collecting batman at the time!