Friday, November 16, 2012

Mail Order Magic Item: The Horror Mask

This is another of those minor magic items that occasional shows up for mail order, supplied by sources unknown (and possibly extraplanar) for some inscrutable purpose.

When worn, the mask is unsettling beyond its appearance alone. Any creature below 5 HD viewing it must make a saving throw or be shaken and at a -2 to all attack rolls or saving throws. Even if a saving throw is successfully made the wearer is better able to intimidate those they deal with (bonus to reaction rolls to do so).

There is a 10% change (cumulative with each wearing greater than 5 minutes) that the mask will somehow become affixed to the wearer's face and only removal by magical means.


The Happy Whisk said...

I like that it will frighten us when we open the package. That's funny.

Trey said...

There should be a disclaimer about those with weak hearts not ordering it.

knobgobbler said...

Good stuff!
I like the larger concept of sinister mail order items... what do those X-Ray Specs really do?

Gothridge Manor said...

What exactly is the return policy if it fails to terrify? Will it wear out after a few scares? How long will it last? How much is shipping and handling? These are things I gotta know.

Trey said...

@knobgobbler - Possibly some answers here.

@Tim - All very good questions, Tim. Maybe Boris should order one and find out. ;)

R Parker said...

The 10% chance of having the monster mask permanently affixed to your face fills me with joy.