Here's a listing by topic of all my blog posts on the City and the Strange New World for easy reference. Posts specifically related to the production of Weird Adventures itself are generally not included but can be found under the label "Weird Adventures" on my main page.

Some of these articles were used as the backbone for material in the book.  In that process, some changes were made for consistency with later material.  Weird Adventures is "official" in areas of conflict--but of course, your game is your own.

    Darkling, Joan: "Saint Joan of the City"
    Failed: "Spectacular Losers"
    Famous: "Lifestyles of the Adventurous and Famous", "Tall in the Saddle", "Adventurers of Yesteryear"
    Men of Magic: "Magic Men"
    Tough Guys: "Two Tough Guys"
    Anarchists: "Acolytes of Misrule"
    Criminals, Wanted: "Most Wanted"
    Crowe, Enoch (Snake-Oil Salesman): "Professor Crowe & His Ugly Bird"
    Femme Fatales: "Random Femme Fatale Table"
    Gaunt, Hieronymus: "Rogue Elephant"
    Grisselda (Fortune-Teller): "Crime & Amusement"
    Hell Syndicate: "Hell's Hoods", "A Piece of the Action" (see also Devils)
    Knights-Templar of Purity: "Legion of Hate"
    Mister Chax, the All-Knowing Homunculus: "Crime & Amusement"
    Reds: "The Red Menace"
    Scratch, Nick: "A Man of Wealth and Taste"
    Sorcerers: "Five Sinister Sorcerers", "The Unknown"
    Waxy Moldoon: "Waxy"
Anomalous/Mysterious Beings
     Beings from the Void: "Out of the Void"
     Brant, Hannibal T.: "Buried in Brant's Tomb"
     Dead God Drag-Racers: "The Dead Travel Fast"
     Father Yule & the Grumpf: "It's Yule-time in the City"
     Red Dwarf, the: "In Deep, Crimson Shadows", "Season of the Witch"
     Well-Dressed Man from Elsewhere, the: "The Well-Dressed Man from Elsewhere"
     Andras: "Hell's Hoods: The Owl"
     Avernus family: "Hell's Hoods: Meet the Avernus Family"
     Belial: "Hell's Hoods: Sin's Queen"
     Bifrons: "Hell's Hoods: Two-Faced Politician"
     Mammon: "Hell's Hoods: The Fat Man"
     Moloch: "Hell's Hoods: The Bull"
     Pluton family: "Hell's Hoods: Casino Infernale"
Druids: "The City's Druids"
Eikones/God-Like Beings
     Cat Lord: "Stray Cat Blues"
     Chronos/Father Time: "On New Year's Eve", "New Year's Day"
     Doll: "Spirits of the Age"
     Dream Lord: "Malice in Slumberland"
     Lords of Beasts: "Stray Cat Blues"
     Management: "Spirits of the Age"
     Maker: "Spirits of the Age"
     Phile: "Spirits of the Age"
     Lord of the Cleaver: "The Killing Floor"
Ethnic Groups
     Ancients, the: "Tall Tales"
     Barrow Men: "Tales from the Graveyard"
     Black Folk: "Trouble So Hard"
     Dwerg-Folk: "Short People, Big Worm"
     Ibernian Little People: "Luck of the Little People"
     Immigrants: "Random Immigrant Urban Encounter Table"
     Mer-folk: "The Life Aquatic"
     Yianese: "Inscrutable Yian"
Government Agents
     Exterminators (Municipal Dept. of Animal and Pest Control): "Exterminators"
     Necromancers, Forensic: "Meet at the Morgue"
     Taxmen: "Death & Taxes"
Henchman Stereotypes: "The Henchman Life"
Illusionists: "The Art of Illusion"
Lawful,   the: "Against Chaos"
Near Humans
     Ghouls: "Down in Undertown",
     Giants, Hill-billy: "Tall Tales"
     Hobogoblins: "Hobo-goblins", "Hobogoblin Garbage Kings"
     Ogres: "The Hills have Eyes...And Teeth"
Royalty (Includes Self-Styled)
     Pellam, Josiah: "Idylls of the Vagrant King"
     Victoriana(s): "Random Queen Encounter Table"
Titan, the: "The Titan and the City"
White Women, the: "Short People, Big Worm", "Solstice"

In the City
    Aldwood: "Weird Days in Aldwood"
    Barrow Island: "Tales from the Graveyard"
    Brant's Tomb: "Buried in Brant's Tomb"
    City Dump: "Hobogoblin Garbage Kings"
    City Telephone Co. Skyscraper: "Collect Call from the Outer Dark"
    Lapin Isle: "Crime & Amusement"
    Little Carcosa: "Send in the Clowns"
    Jago's Museum of Death in the Depths: "Spectacular Losers"
    Munsen's "Life of Fantastic Danger" Museum: "Adventurers of Yesteryear", "Lifestyles of the  Adventurous and Famous"
     Scholo: "Black School"
     Shambles, The: "Killing Floor"
Outside the City
     Asciana: "Green Hell"
     Borea: "Way Up North"
    Capricorn Hotel (Losantiville): "Night at the Capricorn"
     Char Hill: "Hell-Town"
     Cuijatepec: "Something to Do With Death"
    Faro City: "Games of Chance"
    Graveston Prison: "The Walls of Graveston Prison"
    Hoborxen: "A Tale of Two Cities"
     San Tiburon: "Idylls of the Vagrant King"
     San Zancudo: "Mosquito, Repellent"
     Rock City: "See Rock City...If You Dare!"
     Union: "This Land...", "Weird Adventures: Imperfect Union"
     Zingaro: "Death & Revolution", "Something to Do With Death"
Demiurge Island: "Primordial Ooze"
Ealderde (the Old World)
     Lumiere (Neustrie): "Mushrooms, Pigs, and Cold Light"
     Staak: "Desolation Cabaret"
     Gran Lludd: "Random Queen Encounter Table", "Beyond the Wall"
Tranquil Sea: "Tramp Steamer to Yian", "Adrift on Random Isles"
Yian: "Inscrutable Yian"
Other Planes
     Arcadia: "In Arcadia"
     Astral: "Ad Astral (Plane)"    
     Black Iron Prison (Plane of Confinement): "Stone Walls; Iron Bars"
     Dreamland: "Malice in Slumberland"
     Eternal Battlefield (Plane of War): "Afterlife During Wartime"
     Halls of Valor (Plane of Glory): "Afterlife During Wartime"
     Interzone: "Bug Powder"
    Land of Beasts: "In Arcadia"
    Wasteland (Plane of Despair): "In the Gloom"
Possibly Imaginary
     Rock Candy Mountain: "Beneath Rock Candy Mountain"

Multi-Monster Resources: "Now Playing: The SRD Monster Revue", "Urban Monsters", "Random Rampage Table"
Astral Octopuses: "Grip of the Octopus"
Bufonoids from Beyond: "Beyond the Wall"
Bugbears: "Malice in Slumberland"
Crabmen: "Tramp Steamer to Yian"
Chronal Hounds: "Release the Hounds"
Corrupting Publication: "The Ten Cent Menace"
Doubles: "The Trouble with Doubles"
Formians: "Ants Marching"
Gator Men: "Gruesome Twosome"
Gill-men: "In Oceans Deep"
Gnomes: "See Rock City...If You Dare!"
Hell Hound: "Gruesome Twosome"
Imps: "Impish Improbity"
Lava Children: "Tramp Steamer to Yian"
Living Totems: "Fear the Living Totem!"
Lizard Sorcerers/Lizard King: "Lounge Lizards"
Mephiti: "Hell-Town"
Mind Worms: "It Gets Inside Your Head"
Murder Ballad: "Murder Ballad"
Neoplastic Blob: "Cancerous Growth"
Old Ones (Catfish Sapients): "Murky Waters"
Para-elemental, Petroleum: "Black Gold, Crude Death"
Pare-elemental, Radio: "The Spirit of Radio"
Primordial Ooze: "Primordial Ooze"
Sea Devils: "Tramp Steamer to Yian"
Sepulchral Choir: "Sepulchral Choirboys"
Shadow under the 7th Ave. El: "Weird Shadow Under the El"
Spider Women: "Weavers in Darkness"
Stone Giants: "When Rise the Stone Gaints!"
Swarm, Husk: "A Swarm of Husks"
Wendigo: "Cry of the Wendigo"
Zombie, Cuijatepecan: "Something to Do With Death"

Automata: "Automata for the People"
     Pandemonicon: "Crackpot Demonology"
Calendar: "Calendars & Girls"
City History Test: "Pop Quiz"
Conference, Medical: "Highlights from the Dungeoneering Medicine Conference"
Contraception: "Love (and Sex) in the City"
     Bug Powder: "Bug Powder"
     Gray Dust: "In A Handful of Dust"
     Psychedelics: "Opening the Doors of Perception"
Exotic Ports o' Call (Newsreel series): "Tramp Steamer to Yian"
Fate Exchange, the: "Trading Fate"
Guns: "Way of the Gun", "Guns of the City"
Holidays: "Season of the Witch", "Solstice", "It's Yule-time in the City", "Love (and Sex) in the City", "Remember John Pester"
    Crystal Skulls: "Death & Revolution"
    Extraplanar: "Wonders from the Planes"
    Magical, Mail-Order:
    Magical: "Belt of Vigor" , "The Midnight Hour", "From Davy Jones' Locker"
    Miscellaneous: "Dragged from the River", "The Wizard's Estate Sale"
    Photographs, Magical: "Found in a Shoebox"
Mulciber House: "Mystery House"
Mummy, Dwarf: "Lies Your Mummy Told You"
Thraug's Head in a Jar: "Thraug's Head"
Religions/Cults: "If You Wanna Get to Heaven...", "Five Kooky Cults", "Glamorous"
Weapons of War: "Weird Weapons, Weird War"

Adventure Seeds:
     "One Panel Adventure Seeds"
     "Adventures in One Panel"
     "Roadside Distractions"
Images & Captions:
     "Images from the City"
     "Clipped in the City" (1, 2)
     "More Images from the City" (1, 2, 3)
     "Reader's Choice: Images of the City"
     "Every Picture Tells a Story"
     "Images from the Strange New World"
Inspirations, General: "Of Drifting Inspirations"
Music: "Sounds of the City"

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