Sunday, November 25, 2012


A King Mob or Mobstrosity is a human swarm: a regular rabble changed by rare conditions to a strange entity of singular purpose. The people making up the entity never appear to communicate but nevertheless move and act with uncanny coordination. A mobstrosity never forms from less than 20 individuals and seldom more than a 150. It seldom dissipates without blood being spilled.

In game terms a mobstrosity acts like a swarm (and has the usual characteristics of such) except that it's made up of medium sized creatures. Any to-hit roll but a "1" hits a mobstrosity, but it only takes half damage from piercing or stabbing weapons. Attack from the vanguard or outer edge of a mobstrosity does 2d6 points of damage per round. Being engulfed or trampled by it deals 5d6 per round.

Mobstrosities are best defeated not by direct engagement but by removal of the thing that led to its formation. This is often a spell or a cursed item of some sort. When a nidus for its creation can't be found, it's most prudent to get out of the area of the swarm. There are reports of the peculiar madness of a mobstrosity  being infectious and drawing new members into it.

HD 15+  AC: 10 (see above) Attacks: 1 swarm (see above) Save: F1 (has certain spell immunities due to its nature)


Anonymous said...

Nice adaption of a theme. And a dangerous encounter, especially if you do not want to actually kill anyone swept up in the madness.

Gothridge Manor said...

Yowsa. That sounds like a horrible thing to encounter. Great play on it. I think it makes it very playable.

Trey said...

Thanks guys!

Unknown said...

I know and love the Rat King but *this* is tuning the concept up to 11. Love it and will use it.

Trey said...

@Tim - The Rat King was certainly one of the inspirations, here. Glad you liked it.