Thursday, March 27, 2014

Apotheosis Quest

Some adventurers are content to be earthly rulers, basking in the rewards of their past glories. But some yearn for a further challenge and the greatest of all rewards.

Like concentric spheres, the higher planes surround the Prime Material. Beyond them all is the Empyrean, where dwells the Increate Source. This supernal presence is said to bestow godhood on those who reach it.

Getting there is the hard part. The paths are hidden in the lower astral, where there are monsters, godlings, devils, and beings on the same quest to get in the way.

Andrew Ross MacLean

Beyond the astral are the ascending levels of the Outer Planes, iconic realms ruled by (or perhaps manifesting) gods. Each is a challenge, perhaps designed to cause seekers to falter and fail, and possibly even be cast into the Abyss for their audacity.

All of reality is a mega-dungeon that goes up.


Gothridge Manor said...

All of reality is a mega-dungeon that goes up. Heavy man, heavy. So much for my godhood. I'd settle for a good pizza.

Chris C. said...

Yeah, agreeed. That reality as "mega-dungeon that goes up" is waaaayyyy cool.

Chris C. said...

Oops. "Agreed" should have only two "e's". "Waaaayyyy" is written as I meant it. :)

Trey said...

@Tim - Gods can eat pizza.

@Chris - Thanks!

garrisonjames said...

Great illustrations to accompany a wonderful idea. Looking forward to seeing how you develop this further!