Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have A Yule (in July) That's Cool

Rpgnow and Drivethrurpg are running a "Christmas in July" Sale with a big list of rpg products at 25% off. This includes a lot of great books, like stuff by blogging compatriots like Tim Shorts--and my own Weird Adventures!

If you've been fence-sitting on picking it up, you can get the pdf now for under a sawbuck, and the hardcover/pdf combo for under $25.

And remember, friends:

recommend it!


Gothridge Manor said...

I hope you weren't the fifth doctor holding out?

Thanks for the shout out Trey. I'll be using a heavy dose of Weird Adventures when I start running an Exoterrorist game.

Canageek said...

I already own the hardcopy of Weird Adventures, so does anyone have any suggestions as to what to buy? The sale interface isn't conductive to browsing.