Sunday, July 27, 2014


I've again been thinking about a superheroic science fantasy game, an evolution of this idea, set in the world of this post and this one. A world where superhuman beings battle across a post-apocalyptic landscape, fighting over the strange relics of a strange war between magic and technology.

Besides all things Masters of the Universe (especially the Don Glut mini-comics), here are some other inspirations:

Novels & Short Fiction:
Alistair Rennie. "BleakWarrior Meets the Sons of Brawl" and "The Gutter Sees the Light That Never Shines"
Karl Edward Wagner. the Kane stories
Zachary Jernigan. No Return: A Novel of Jeroun

Dragonball and Dragonball Z
Ninja Scroll
Thundarr the Barbarian

Jack Kirby. First Issue Special #1, Forever People, New Gods
Jim Starlin. Warlock series, The Price
Gray Morrow. Orion, Edge of Chaos


Chris C. said...

You make me want to go watch some He-Man, Blackstar, and Thundarr. If you'll excuse me, I'm headed for my TV.

Gothridge Manor said...

Haven't read or seen any of those. But I can still dig the concept.

I sometimes think in the middle of the work day, what would happen if Dr. Who met Superman?

Cross Planes said...

As much as I'd love to run this with one of my current groups, I almost think it needs to be a G+ game so that the players would actually be fans.

Malcadon said...

I have been working on a setting like that, called Warlords of the Galaxy.

Basically a post-Galactic War where barbarians, petty warlords, mutant beast-men, mad scientists, and evil sorcerers fight over old technology and the cities that form around giant gates that connect the different planets together. The highlight of the setting, besides those giant gates, are the wide use of airships, Loc-Nar-like orbs that act as gods, and Holtzman-like shields that protects the wearer for ranged and hard melee attacks, but also traps body heat, thus requiring the wearers to dress scantly like a hero(ine) from a Frazetta cover.

Unfortunately, I have been caught up with other things, and it has been in development hell. =(

Trey said...

@Tim - Well, a Dr. Who stand-in did meet Luke Cage and Iron Fist. True story.

@Mark - I think you're probably right.

@Malcadon - That sounds awesome! I know how it is with projects falling by the wayside, though.

Cross Planes said...

Do Allistair Rennie's stories draw inspiration from Masters of the Universe?

And thanks for letting me notice that Wagner's Kane books are in Kindle format now :)

Trey said...

@Mark - A bit I think. They're sort of like superheroes meets Highlander in a Conan setting.

Arion said...

I always enjoy this sort of stories, warriors, sword and sorcery are precisely my cup of tea.

Logan said...

This sounds absolutely great to me! It reminds me to my old (very old) imaginary world of my childhood, a wild mixture of Masters of the Universe, Star Wars and other settings.

I think, some storíes of the Heavy Metal movies (Dan, Taarna & Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2) would be fit perfect into this campaign.

Do this book! I will buy it!

Jon McNally said...

I can't get this stuff out of my head, either. I know my own would have lots of animal people, à la Flash Gordon, Kamandi and the aforementioned Thundarr. I'd probably have some Herculoids in there, too. More Toth never hurts.

Trey said...

@Logan - Good additional inspirations there, definitely.

@Jon - Animal people are a must (MOTU has some, too, as does Thundarr). The Herculoids definitely fits the mold--and I don't think there is ever such a thing as too much Toth.

Trey said...

@Logan - Good additional inspirations there, definitely.

@Jon - Animal people are a must (MOTU has some, too, as does Thundarr). The Herculoids definitely fits the mold--and I don't think there is ever such a thing as too much Toth.

Zacharyjernigan said...

Good Lord! It's cool to be in any way an inspiration for a game! I saw your previous post about super-powered, and was super curious. Please let me know if and when anything comes of this.

Zacharyjernigan said...

...*super-powered fantasy* I meant.

Can't think. Need coffee.

Trey said...

Hey, Zachary. Thanks for stopping by. Your novel's a fresh take on the fantasy, or at least in a very under-utilized one int eh literary form. Also, I appreciate the short-stories available on your website.

Zacharyjernigan said...

Well, thanks in return. It means a lot, what you said. I hope it's fresh, and I agree with you that science fantasy appears way too infrequently.

Just a recommendation, if you don't mind:

I'd give Guy Haley's CHAMPION OF MARS a try. It's awesome, and I think it might be right up your alley.

Trey said...

I'm always in the market for a good recommendation, so much appreciated. I will check it out!

evangineer said...

@trey Masters of Umdaar looks a lot like the sort of setting you're going for.

@zachary Thanks for the recommendation of Champion of Mars. I'm nearly halfway through and it's great stuff. Totally on point!

I've described it elsewhere as an "Intriguing posthuman take on Burroughs' Mars by way of colonising & terraforming a la Kim Stanley Robinson." It is very evocative of the setting.

Zacharyjernigan said...

Awesome, Mamading! Glad you're enjoying it, and you described it very well.