Friday, March 31, 2017

Again, the Giants!: Wedding of the Hill Giant Chief

This is the first in a series (maybe) of posts inspired by the classic Against the Giants:

Highlights include:

1. Hill-billy Hill Giant father-in-law keeping the groom under lock and key so there's no cold feet!
2. Monstrous would-be Mother-in-Law!
3. Battle-hardened bridesmaids at a bachelorette party bash!
4. The Ettin moonshiner cooking up his "Catoblepas Kick" for the festivities.
5. And of course, the clan's prize pigs!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I have forward a link to my DM.

Robert J Edwards said...

I'd play that.

Can I be the spiteful cousin?

SF said...

Love this idea. Just described it to my wife, and her take is "It's very Bertie Wooster."

Trey said...

Heh! Thanks. I'm going to do a couple more of these giants things at one point, at some point.