Friday, July 12, 2019

Superheroes and Color Theory

A series of articles back on Comics Alliance in 2016 discussed color theory as it relates to the costumes of superheroes: stuff like heroes tend to be in primary colors, and the potential meaning of villains in green and purple. It doesn't match up hundred percent, but it is interesting. Anyway, you might want to head over and read the articles.

You could use that to make random tables for the generation of NPCs, not so much powers, but costume and personality at the same time.

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JB said...

Huh, that’s not a bad list right there (I haven’t taken the read the original article); I’d say it hits the mark quite well, especially when you start combining colors (like hair color for female heroes...too many “careful” blondes and “energetic” red-heads).

Color is one of the LAST things I think about when it comes to hero concepts (but, then, I’m not a trained visual artist). This is excellent food for thought.