Monday, July 22, 2019

Weird Revisited: Sasquatch Variations

This post originally appeared in October 2013, but it's always a good time for 'squatch.

In a post-Harry and the Hendersons and Bigfoot and Wildboy world, your run of the mill Sasquatch may not pack the fearful punch it once did. In keeping with the season, here are a couple of sasquatch-like cryptids with a twist to move 'squatch back from "gentle giant" to "scary."

Batsquatch: First sighted in 1994 in Washington, batsquatch is an ape-like hominid with purple skin and batwings. (In other words, something like a scarier version of the winged monkeys in the Wizard of Oz). Stat these guys like a yeti, but add winged flight like a gargoyle.

Sheepsquatch: From the hills of West Virginia comes a cryptid also known as "the white thing." It's described as a bear-sized beast covered in thick, yellowish-white fur. It doesn't look much like the usual sasquatch with its low set eyes, goat-liked horns, raccoon-like hands, and a hairless tail like an opossum. I would use giant wolverine stats for these beasties (minus the musk).

Blue Belt Bigfoot: One of the few hairy hominids known to accessorize, the so-called Blue Belt Bigfoot has only been sighted in California and only on a few of occasions. It's essentially a a regular sasquatch (perhaps with a dog-like face) with a glowing blue belt. Sometimes, they travel in groups. I'd probably treat these guys as bugbears (just because) and give the belt some special power--or maybe not (other than the glowing) just to mess with PCs.


Gus L said...

This made me remember a Wampus County one shot game where we ended up battling a family of squatch but our eventual slaughter of the murderous man-apes felt hollow and cruel - maybe that's just cause I was playing a flying monkey.

I also used them (always with wookie imagery) as a noble ancient super-race (like grey elves or titans I guess) when I was running ASE. Strangely I can't remember Sasquatch as having a D&D statline in either 1981 B/X or AD&D's Monster Manual. It's entirely possible that I don't remember them because as an 8 year old I rejected including "real" monsters in D&D as boring and Sasquatch were real enough, but I really don't think there's been a mention of Sasquatch in early D&D?

Trey said...

There isn't, and there isn't one in 5e either. I don't know if 3e had one, but I bet Pathfinder does.