Thursday, March 26, 2020

Conan, 1963

What if during the late 50s to mid-60s Sword & Sandals movie crazy, somebody had got around to making a Conan film? Here's my suggestions for the cast of a 1963 adaptation of "People of the Black Circle."

William Smith as CONAN

Former Miss Israel and Bond girl Aliza Gur as YASMINA

Jack Palance as KARIM SHAH

Christopher Lee as THE MASTER OF YIMSHA

Raf Baldassarre as KHEMSA

and Chelo Alonso as GITARA


Tom Termini said...

If I wanted to send you a press release for an upcoming game, what would be the best way to do that, please?

Trey said...

You can email through the link on my complete blogger profile.

JB said...

Great casting.

Wow, Smith has got some GUNS.

Christian said...

Where do I stream this movie?!

JB said...


eLarson said...

Only a Turani could have made that cast.

That's brilliant!