Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hero Forge in Color

The beta of the color version of Hero Forge is available to those of us that backed the Kickstarter, and I have been having fun playing with it. It really has a lot of options. Here are some of things I've done so far:

This is a Demonlander (Tiefling) Sorcerer from my Land of Azurth campaign.

Here's another character from that campaign. He has a shield with a hole to a void between dimension affixed to it. Maybe once the decals are added, I'll have a better way to represent that.

This is a recreation of an 80s Remco action figure, The Jewel Thief (part of there Conan line). The toy was made of translucent plastic, so I gave his body a red jewel color/texture, which turned out pretty well but may not come through so well in the picture.

I'm interested to see what the color will look like printed for the characters from my game.


Eric Diaz said...

They look amazing!

Brutorz Bill said...

WOW! Love the recreated Remco figure! Can't wait to see the final product!! I wouldn't mind getting a mini like that myself!

Boxty said...

Looks good! On the first figure I think the dark color and the light color for the fireball should be swapped: the center of a fire is always brightest while the edges go from yellow to red.