Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Sons of Hercules Against the Giants

I have discovered that Prime Video has a decent number of Italian Sword and Sandal/peplum available, and I have been availing myself of them. It has me thinking that a D&D game with a muscle-bound heroes would be an interesting change of pace. What better place to deploy those mighty thews than--against the giants!

The king of a city-state beset by giants sends a small band of heroes to put a stop to this. The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief could be reimagined as some fortress of ancient world Mediterranean "barbarians," (though in the realm of Sword and Sandal films, there's no need for strict historical accuracy!) but beyond the trappings everything else could pretty much go the same way.

Maybe using something like Exemplars & Eidolons would be suitable to give the heroes the right amount of muscle?


Logan said...

Yes, Yes and YES!!! That's my style of D&D.

Anne said...

I kind of like the idea of Hercules fighting the Philistine giants, led of course, by Goliath. Your suggestion for patchworking history (and myth) from a few days ago seems like a great way to populate a campaign like this.

Lich Van Winkle said...

I thought every D&D game already had at least one muscle-bound hero, like every superhero team with its "brick" type. Is the idea that every character play a "brick"? That would be fun/funny!

Trey said...

In the peplum genre, everyone is a "brick" pretty much.