Sunday, October 4, 2020

Adventuring in the Harveylands

I wrote a post about a year and a half ago about the Harveylands, the setting of the Harvey Comics universe as codified on the map above in the 80s.

While there are obviously elements of the comics that wouldn't fit a game of a D&Dish of even a somewhat unusual sort, I feel like you could jettison those and have something that wouldn't be that off-model. The only Tieflings of the "standard races" would appear, of course, providing for Hot Stuff and the Devils. There are several ghost races (for Casper types) floating around the internet, though. Witches like Wendy and rich kids like Richie would just be classes.

As presented, something like the Harveylands would be a fairly small setting, but big enough for a campaign, I think. Particularly, if the edges bled into more fantastic realms: the Hells, the Land of the Dead, etc.


perdustin said...

Is that supposed to be Jackie Jokers two spaces to the left of Casper?

Trey said...

I don't think so. Jackie has black hair, and it looks like that kid may have freckles.

Trey said...

Maybe Freckles Friendly.

bombasticus said...

Freckles and his pandemic haircut are hanging out next to Peewee. That is . . . um . . . that other kid from the promo page . . . maybe Adam Award$ grew his hair out? Shirt lines up.