Thursday, June 16, 2022

Weird Revisited: Random Rampage Table

On occasion, someone in the City can be heard to ask, incredulously: "What's climbing to the top of that skyscraper?!":

1. nonhuman hominid or primate
2. Gargantuan crustacean (lobstrosity)
3. Fifty-foot showgirl
4. Gi-ant
5. Flesh golem compose of parts of 1-6 other giant creatures
6. Animated statute
8. Man mutated by thaumaturgic accident
9. Gigantolycanthrope
10. Ghost of another creature (roll again to determine which)
11. Amorphous blob or slime
12. Mega-flumph


Dick McGee said...

What, no giant marshmallow man?

Trey said...

That's definitely a good one! Ghostbusters hadn't resurged as much in the consciousness 10 years ago as it has now.

Dick McGee said...

Actually, maybe a generic "Giant Corporate Mascot" would be more inclusive.

Jeremy said...

That's #7 ;)