Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaiju Dissected

Ever hve a game session grind to a halt when your players needed an anatomical diagram of a giant monster and you, as GM, were unable to produce one?

No?  Well now you'll never have to worry about it ever happening!

Here's two diagram's of the innards of gamera, a giant mutant fire-breathing turtle, but it could easily be--well, another giant, mutant fire-breathing turtle.  Or maybe the Tarrasque

Here's a flavorful Japanse-language diagram, like something froma forbidden text in the hand of the nefarious Black Dragon Society, perhaps:

And here's an English language version courtesy of Shout! Factory:


Stefan Poag said...

I love the way the first illustration shows him holding a steam ship like a big bannana. Looking at Gamera, I see he has an impressive number of 'sacks.'

Trey said...

Yeah, Gamera's well-endowned...with sacs.

Blair said...

Uranium, Coal and Oil sacs? Looks like Gamera has "Treasure Type: ENERGY RESOURCES"

Jim Shelley said...

That Uranium Sac so close to a Magma sac looks like an NRC violation.