Friday, April 27, 2012

Swarm of Husks

Likely the product of a deranged (and necromantically adept) mind, a swarm of husks is composed of undead insects that died in light fixtures or between window panes. These creatures died in crude despair as only the mindless can know it, and that inchoate emotion, combined with energy from the negative plane, is a powerful force.  These swarms take some time to gather, but once formed will do the bidding of the necromancer who raised them.

Husk swarms have the standard properties of a swarm of diminutive creatures, plus those standard to undead. Any creature beginning its turn inside the swarm must make a saving throw or be nauseated for 1 round. The husk swarm is hungry for life force and will crawl into the mouth or nostrils of a victim (failed saving throw) over a period of 1 minute.  Once inside a living thing, they drain 1d4 levels from it (or add negative levels, however you want to look at) like the spell enervation.

Some anecdotal reports suggest that bright lights can attract a swarm, distracting them from living targets.


The Angry Lurker said...

That would be quite cool but gross!

Sean Robson said...

I'm going to go clean out my light fixtures now...

Anonymous said...

One of the workmen who maintains the streetlight silently gathers the husks to sell on the black market.

A sorcerer in the slums is trying to develop a ritual that will animate those rats killed by poison. Unfortunately for him, but perhaps not for the City, the Cat Lord has heard of his plans and is seeking to end them.

David Andrews said...

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Kai-Lee Kenniz said...

*hears someone mention the Cat Lord and ears prick up in curiosity*

Husk swarms sound pretty horrifying. Bugs in swarms are already annoying while alive, but undead and taking 1d4 from you, I would gladly avoid that thanks.

Trey said...

Thanks guys.

@Kitt - Wise choice. :) For more on the City's version of the Cat Lord see this post.

@Sean - Can't hurt.

@Seaofstarsrpg - He has reason to fear. It's an undead vermin escalation.

Unknown said...

Amazing no one has ever thought of this before. Wicked cool!