Sunday, February 3, 2013

Talislantan Space: Kasmirans

Kasmirans are a short, lean, humanoid species with heavily wrinkled skins. Displaced by the Great Disaster, they now inhabit an arid world near the Seven Worlds Alliance's border with the Zaran Expanse. Despite their origin as refugees, the Kasmirans have become a wealthy people, though how they acquired this wealth is not entirely clear. They are infamous throughout the galaxy, however, as misers and shrewd negotiators.

The Kasmirans have maintained (and expand) their fortunes through investment banking.They have a reputation for ethical behavior and conservative investment, but also infamous as sticklers for the letter of contracts and for their hard credit terms.

Kasmiran society is divided into clans. The heads of these clans elect a Chief Executive Officer of Kasmir. When the Kasmiran clan leaders lose confidence in a CEO, he or she is replaced--and memory-wiped to insure the protection of secrets. This process is referred to as “beheading.”

Their desire to protect their wealth (and the wealth of their clients) has led the Kasmirans to become experts in both physical and data security. Prevailing Kasmiran aesthetics in physical security measures tends to favor clockwork mechanical devices with only sparing use of electronics; they extend this mechanical design into the nanoscale.

Kasmir City, the capital of the world of Kasmir, has a walled and check-pointed city center full of windowless high-security towers where the wealthy Kasmirans reside. Offworlders that work for them reside in the more modest areas surrouding it.


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I'm quite enjoying these sci-fi posts. Excellent work and a great read!

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