Monday, April 1, 2013

The Gnomes of Dzrrn

The gnomes are a member species of the Alliance. They hail from ancient subterranean habitats on Dzrrn, a large asteroid. They've colonized more asteroids in their own system and in others.

Appearance and Biology: Gnomes are small (1.-1.3 m) humanoids with loose, wrinkled skin and large ears. Most gnomes encountered will likely be male, but there is little sexual dimorphism. Gnome clans are seldom made up of more than 100 individuals, though they tend to have close ties with nearby clans. Only few individuals in a clan are capable of breeding at a time, though a female may breed with multiple males. Mating produces an organism the gnomes call a”mother”--essentially an external womb. The mother generates gnome embryos from the genetic material donated from its maternal gnome and all the males she mated with. The female coordinates the mother’s care, but all members of clan take part.

Gnomes have castes, as well. Most males (and a few females) are “workers” responsible for the care and maintenance of the habitat. The somewhat taller “managers” are disproportionately female, but still numerically mostly male. They have primary responsibility for the rearing of children, the protection of the clan, negotiation with outsiders, and strategic planning.

Psychology: Gnomes are gregarious and inquisitive, but deliberate in their thought process. They seldom act rashly. They observe less need for personal space than most humanoids, and in fact, are prone to depression if forced into situations where they can have little physical contact with others for extended perionds. Many gnomes suffer from a fear of open spaces, and may experience a panic reaction.

Stats: Gnomes have a Constitution of 9.


Gothridge Manor said...

I'm curious as to why others would contact these gnomes? What are their resources for trade. I'm assuming they mine the asteroids for metals. But curious non the less. If I'm going to go visit a race of close talkers then I want a reason why.

Trey said...

The resources that mine from asteroids. The gas giant mining rights to the systems they control. Their cooperation in defensive pacts against more hostile species. That sort of stuff, mainly.

Gus L said...

Little intelligent space mole-rats. Disgusting but likeable. I suspect the worker caste also acts like mole rat "soldier" - suicidally flinging themselves at intruders into the colony until the attackers either "eat themselves full" or are overehelmed. In starship combat I bet a legion of kamikazes gets a bit scary.

Trey said...

Space mole rats is it exactly. :) They may show a bit more strategy than that, maybe, but the same basic fanaticism.

Gus L said...

Oh yeah they are smarter than mole rats, but that's one of my favorite things about molerats. They're mammals so they lack the physical dimorphism to the degree insects do, but they have these crazy colony behaviors (Also teeth that can gnaw through your hand in moments). Imagining an intelligent species with that level of selflessness makes them really dangerous seeming - not scary per say, but the sort that's gonna sacrifice themselves to take the enemy down and not give up and unless you get to their brood chambers. Certainly not a fight worth having for an asteroid mine.