Monday, July 8, 2013

Living Fast

Art by Gregory Manchess
Quicklings are a clade found on numerous worlds in the Strange Stars outside the control of the hegemonic powers. They bear some resemblance to the fairies from the legends of Old Earth: they are approximately 8 cm tall humanoids with insect-like wings. They are actually bioroids (sapient despite their small size) who get their name from their short lifespans and their faster neural "clockspeed."

Quickling tribes or collectives live geographically close (even within) cities and habitats of other humanoids, but live apart due to the difficulty of interaction. Quicklings find other humanoids unbearably slow, while neural baselines have to use special devices for all but the most rudimentary communication. Quickling tribes can be hired for various purposes, and they care little for legalities, but given their attention spans, all plans must be relatively simple.

Their small size and necessarily low weights (for flight) mean their brains must be made of nonbiologic materials. Even still, they are less intelligent than the average baseline (Int 8). However, groups of quicklings form a partial neural composition and have some sharing of of cognition, so the more quicklings in close proximity, the smarter they are (+1 for every 2 additional quicklings, max. 20).

Art by Aaron Sidall

No. Appearing: 2-20 (up to 300 in swarm)
AC: 0
HD: 1-2 HP
Saving Throw: 16
Attack Bonus: +4
Damage: 1 point
Movement: 40’ fly
Morale: 8
Special Abilities: Quicklings move so quickly they appear as blur to unenhanced baselines. Attacks against them have a 20% chance to miss (roll before attack roll). Quicklings are never surprised by unenhanced individuals and always roll for initiative as normal, no matter the circumstance.


The Angry Lurker said...

8cm, well armed, flying shortarses, potential Stephen King movie!

Chris C. said...

I like their short attention spans. Like me some days...

Trey said...

@Fran - Good point.

@Chris - I'm sorry. I zoned out there for a moment.

christian said...

Is that quickling wearing a Flavor Flav style clock?

Justin S. Davis said...
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Justin S. Davis said...

That quickling at the bottom? I can read his thoughts.

They say...


Trey said...

@Christian - He is. He has his own dating show, too. Speed dating.

@Justin - He's high on life.

Gothridge Manor said...

Hmm looks like Boris will need to buy another of those electrified fly swatters. Wore out two batteries hitting Dom with it at the office. He squeals like little girl. Makes me laugh.

ArtMercenary said...

The "Quickling" at the bottom is from Kenzerco's Clockwork Stomp. Its a clocwork cannibal fairy cyborg. I know because I drew it for the book back in the day.

Trey said...

Thanks, Aaron! It's a great piece.