Monday, July 1, 2013

Weird Pirate (Doomed) Romance

In my continuing WaRP Weird Adventures game last night, the PCs were tasked by the loathsome swamp witch (supposedly once a pirate queen, Eliza Bonney) with finding a way of freeing her from her ship turned prison, stuck incongruously in a lake deep in a Southron swamp. The gang went back to town for supplies and left poor Professor Pao as the witch's hostage.

Rue consults the spirits and discovers that the witch can be harmed by something that belonged to her lover and former partner--something that can "cut her flesh and pierce her heart." Luckily, the town has a small museum with a pirate history display and a lovelorn curator, Imogenia Frump, who falls for the charms of international man of mystery, Jacques.

Our heroes find out that two pirates came ashore to bury treasure here: Eliza Bonney and Red Marguerite. The two had a falling out over the loot, or so the story goes. In the museum's possession is an old cutlass and a small, wooden chest. Jacques uses his influence over Imogenia to "borrow" the items for study at a prestigious City university.

Fairly certain that Red Marguerite and Eliza were lovers, the PCs figure the cutlass will come in handy. Investigating the box reveals a secret compartment with a heart-shaped necklace of ruby and silver. So armed, they head back out to the swamp for a showdown.

Things don't go exactly as planned (when do they ever?) but the PCs manage to cut the locket--piercing the witch's heart--and making her vulnerable to their attacks. She appears to fall away into the depths, her bulk destroying the ship in her death throes.

Our heroes escaped but without the treasure some of them hoped for, other than the suggestion they had done a community service by destroying an ancient evil.


Gothridge Manor said...

All community service means is that you did it for free. Boris knows this. Community has lots of money. They just say nothing. Let witch be and keep their money, under pillow, in mattress. While you service community it hides more money. Get paid first, then witch.

Jim Shelley said...

@Tim - yeah we will keep that in the foerfront of our thoughts in the future. :)

Chris C. said...

Very cool. The swamp witch/pirate queen sounds like a great villain.

Jack Guignol said...

Sounds like an excellent game!

Trey said...

Thanks guys!

Boris, so cynical.

@Chris - She was fun. I attempted to voice her like the old witch in the first Pumpkinhead film.