Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Warlord Wednesday: Next...

Here's the first installment of 2014 of my 3 year-old examination of  the adventures DC Comics' Travis Morgan--The Warlord.  The earlier installments can be found here...

Warlord (vol. 4) #10 (March 2010) Story by Mike Grell; Art by Chad Hardin (1-7, 10-22) and Grell (8-9)

Synopsis: Deimos has been resurrected, but all he knows about who he is is what Kate has told him. Unluckily for Skartaris, Kate has realized the Mask of Life isn't a magical artifact, but a scientific one. It was made by the Atlanteans to transfer memories between clone bodies. Deimos doesn't understand any of this, but Kate isn't deterred. She plans to restore him so she can rule by his side.

Meanwhile, Ewan McBane is recording a primer on Skartaris for posterity. It focuses a lot on Travis Morgan. It also neatly recapitulates Morgan's origin and relates his first meetings with Mariah and Machiste (and how Machiste lost his hand). Every interview ends with a question about Morgan to which the interviewee responds:

Tinder and Alysha are working with representatives of the gathered tribes, trying to set up some form of democracy--but they need a leader to unite them. Morgan is skeptical it will work, but tells Tinder to go ahead and try if he wants. He frames real freedom is being able to do what you want. Responsibility ruins that. Tinder counters that all freedom comes at a price. Morgan angrily replies that he knows the cost better than anyone.

Back on the Terminator, Deimos is not taking to his lessons in being an evil wizard as fast as Kate would like. She slashes him across the face with a sword to encourage him. It works:

"That's better," Kate says.

Things to Notice:
  • Hardin draws early Machiste to look a bit like Jim Brown, too.
Where it comes from: 
Deimos's revival seems to take place in Castle Deimos, but Jennifer took it over in issue #54. Evidently, she must have abandoned it at some point to stay in Shamballah.

The Mask of Life first appeared in issue #10 where Ashiya used it to resurrect Deimos (the first time).


garrisonjames said...

Interesting. This new Deimos is not what I expected. They could do a new series featuring Morgan's grand-kids at this point...and it might be pretty cool. Just saying...

Jim Shelley said...

The way he tied the interviews together is very clever. Grell has a good eye for things like that.