Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Place Called Darksun

Still thinking a bit about Dark Sun as a Western.  Here's the set of inspirations I would probably throw into that (which would work well for any relatively post-apocalyptic science fantasy Western):

The Gunslinger by Stephen King (less so the other Dark Tower books, though they're good too).
The Half-Made World and The Rise of Ransom City by Felix Gilman.
The Eric John Stark novels/novellas by Leigh Brackett.

Madame Tarantula

El Topo
The Road Warrior


Sean said...

You know, I just got Dragon Kings (sort of the directors cut of Dark Sun from Timothy Brian Brown) and turning it into a western might really be the thing to make it sing. Thanks, Trey!

garrisonjames said...

The Valley of Gwangi, might also be a good fit, movie-wise. Have you ever seen the old serial The Phantom Empire, with Gene Autry? I've always wanted to adapt that serial into an RPG campaign. It might also fit into this brave red world you're building here.

Converting things over to a sort of SciFi-ish Western sounds like great good fun!

Gothridge Manor said...

I'm not going to be able to keep up with all the great books you're suggesting.

Simon J. Hogwood said...

Thank you, garrisonjames - I had never heard of 'The Phantom Empire' before, but now that you've brought it up I agree it's very inspirational.

Dan said...

Don't forget the Knights of Cydonia music video by Muse! Possibly my favourite music video ever, and I'm not much of a Muse fan.