Thursday, November 6, 2014

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall is a mini-series on Cartoon Network, running in 2 parts a night, every night this week, but I'm sure it will be repeated. Created by Patrick McHale (previously of Adventure Time), the series tells the story of two brothers lost in the woods--a magical forest, called the Unknown. There they meet talking animals, undead townsfolk, and avoid a dark Beast that people say roams the woods.

It's part Grimms' fairy tales, part Wizard of Oz (and maybe a bit Sandberg's Rootabaga Stories), imbued with great deal of folksiness. Where Adventure Time has rap and chiptunes, OtGW has parlor music and ragtime. Where Adventure Time has non sequiturs and weirdness, Over the Garden Wall has whimsy (not that it isn't weird at times).

Whimsy like a possum playing a dobro, which is just the right kind, I think.

If you like stuff like my Land of Azurth posts or Wampus Country, then you will probably like Over the Garden Wall. Even if you don't like those things, you probably should check it out just to see. Here's the first episode on Youtube.

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Chris C. said...

This sounds really cool. I'll have to check out that first episode on youtube.