Thursday, January 15, 2015

Famous Pirates of Baroque Space

Here are four aether pirate captains:

Gryff Scurlock of the Picaresque. He boasts (without providing substantiation) of having observed the secret rituals of the Venerian women. He wears a pegleg of Jovian air leviathan tusk since he lost his limb to the poison bolts of the clockwork savages of America Meridionalis.

Horst von Eschenbach, captain of the Black Hart and rogue alchemist. He is said to have once eluded an Angel of Death in the rings of Saturn.

Anya de Winter of the Fata Morgana, said to be the greatest swordswoman of her age. Her eyes are mismatched, one hazel and the other blue like comet ice, though this has not always been so.

Jesus Amarante Zoto, master of La Cazadora, scourge of the Mars-Earth tradeways. He keeps the still-living head of his brother Joaquin in a nutrient vat so he may consult him when needed.


Jayson said...

Ah yes.

Chris C. said...

I like the various unverified tales associated with each of them. Great stuff.

Gothridge Manor said...

They have all got the swagger and those fabulous matching helms!

Trey said...

Swagger is one of the requisite traits of an aether pirate, I expect.