Monday, February 9, 2015

Audience Participation

With Strange Stars out for a few weeks now (and reviews appearing), enough time has probably past that I can query folks as to what they'd like to see here on the blog to further explore the setting. So, what would you like to see next?

One thing I haven't talked about yet is the League of Habitats (other than Circus and a brief mention of High Lonesome). I could elucidate more on time frames for hyperspace travel or earlier historical eras like the Archaic Oikumene or the Radiant Polity. Then there's always more practical stuff like currency or sample names for more cultures. I did a post a while back getting very specific about inspirations for particular cultures, and I could always do something like that again.

Those are my ideas but you may have others. So what would you guys like to see? Comment here or drop me an email with suggestions!


Greg Gorgonmilk said...

Trey -- My copy of Strange Stars is still on the way, so it's possible you've covered this -- what about rules for generating new systems and planets, alien races, and civilizations?

Trey said...

I didn't in the setting book, though the rule system guides will generally be tied to systems (like SWN) that have that sort of thing. John has a bit on planet creation in the Fate book and I'm going to do a bit on habitat creation for the osr book. I'll be posting that here at some point. A post on how I go about making up new aliens/cultures might be interesting.

evildm said...

I just bought Strange Stars and I'm loving the read so far.
My recipe for a Strange Stars campaign would be to use Strange Stars setting with the 5E D&D Star Frontiers conversion that Mike Long is doing at Tribality.

My group is loving the D&D rules set. So If I can serve them this on a platter I know they will eat it up.

evildm said...

I would also suggest starting a Google + community for Strange Stars.

Trey said...

@Jeff - Good idea! I briefly taken a look at that Star Frontiers conversion the other day. I'd love to see someone do that with Strange Stars.

charles mark ferguson said...


I know SS is setting agnostic and doesn't do rules. So it couldn't be rules based.

In fact I don't know how you'd do it. Maybe in a similar one-page-bites format as SS, except stuff on psionics. Dunno if that would even work. But it would be very cool.

Hey - you know the pre-chapter text blocks in Dune, where Herbert quotes a reference from some other work? Something like that might work. A "book" made up of pages torn from a bunch of different works referencing historical or mythical psi powers, history, and figures.

Unknown said...

Always a fan Kieth Giffen's space stuff...any chance for a cool prison planet/insanely huge prison station?