Monday, June 22, 2015

The Weird Monsters of Krypton

Yesterday, I posted the map of Krypton and suggested it as a setting for a weird fantasy game. What would be a weird fantasy game without weird monsters? Don't worry. Krypton has got that covered too. Here's a brief list:

Drang: A giant, purple serpentine creature with a single horn.
Fish-Snake: poisonous snake-things living in the Fire Falls.
Flame Dragon: A bat-winged, dragon-like creature that breathes fire.
Ice Bird: Polar-dwelling birds with razor-sharp talons.

Metal Eater: An animal that looks something like a giant, prehistoric tapir and eats metal.
Pryllgu: A large, reptillian sea creature that attacks ships.
Rondor: A ponderous ungulate-type creature with a single horn with curative properties.

Telepathic Hound: They can locate people at a distance via mind-reading.
Thought-beast: Rhinocerous-sized, ceratopsian creatures whose frill acts like a video screen that projects there thoughts and intentions to the world.
Yagrum: A large, vaguely cat-like carnivore.


Logan said...

I never had Krypton on my screen in that way. There is some very nice stuff

Siskoid said...

Great idea!

Trey said...

There's a lot there to adapt, for sure.

Justin S. Davis said...

The thought-beast was the very first one that came to mind (heh) for adapting. To the long-boxes I go!