Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Comics: Indie Apocalypses

Continuing my survey of post-apocalyptic comics (focused on those) in print. Previously, I reviewed Marvel's and DC's offerings, now it's time to look beyond the Big Two:

What's the Apocalypse? A nuclear war, starting in 2001, whose radiation creates psionic mutants called "demons."
Who are the heroes? Demian Hunter, half-human, half-demon demon hunter.
Where can you read it? Eerie Presents: Hunter

Mighty Samson
What's the Apocalypse? Nuclear war.
Who are the heroes? The titular Samson, a super-strong barbarian adventurer.
Where can you read it? starting with The Mighty Samson Archives volume 1
Just A Pilgrim
What's the Apocalypse? "The Burn," a solar coronal expansion.
Who are the heroes? Pilgrim--a religious fanatic and reformed (maybe) cannibal--and other survivors.
Where can you read it? Just A Pilgrim Complete.

What's the Apocalypse? Nuclear war.
Who are the heroes? Sabre, Melissa Siren, and other freedom fighters against a fascistic regime.
Where can you read it? Sabre 30th Anniversary Edition

What's the Apocalypse? Ecological damage and economic collapse after most nations have levied punitive sanctions against the U.S.
Who are the heroes? Emmanuel Santana aka Scout, an Apache ex-U.S. Army Ranger on a quest to destroy a supernatural evil
Where can you read it? start with Scout volume 1

Walking Dead
What's the Apocalypse? A zombie outbreak of unknown cause.
Who are the heroes? Rick Grimes and a a changing group of survivors, many of whom will die.
Where can you read it? start with Walking Dead Compendium One

What's the Apocalypse? "The Big Wet" that left "half the world covered by poisonous, rising oceans" and the remaining dry land is desiccated and broken.
Who are the heroes? Michael, a scavenger who finds a machine that talks in a forgotten language.
Where can you read it? start with Wasteland Book 1: Cities in Dust

Xenozoic Tales (aka Cadillacs and Dinosaurs)
What's the Apocalypse? Ecological upheaval, leading humans to abandon the surface for hundreds of years. They return to find dinosaurs.
Who are the heroes? Jack Tenrec and Hannah Dundee. They drive cadillacs and run away from dinosaurs. And other stuff.
Where can you read it? Xenozoic


Dan said...

I'm enjoying this series. Any plans to look at the 2000AD post-apoc stories? "Survivors" simultaneously fascinated and frightened me as a kid.

Uncle Sam said...

I remember when Wasteland came out. I was a regular up at the (now defunct) comic shop. Someone had asked whats Wasteland, or made a comment about it. When quiet guy Pat burst out, "Its fucking Wasteland!". Which was way more than enough endorsement to for me. (You kinda have to know Pat, sheltered fella. Funnier than all get out) As for Xenozoic, one of my favorites. Love it, love the RPG too! Sadly I don't think I could really interest any of my crew in it. Which makes me a sad monkey.

Trey said...

@Dan - I'm going to cover some European comics, but I;ll be hitting the big stuff and mainly things in print. I've forgotten (or skipped) some American one's too.

@Uncle Sam - I should check of the Xenozoic Tales rpg.

Uncle Sam said...
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Anonymous said...

Second 2000AD as a useful source for wacky Post-Apocalyptic inspiration. The Cursed Earth of the Judge Dredd continuity has a lot of potential.