Friday, July 24, 2015

Dungeon of Solitude

I've suggested turning Krypton into a locale for a weird hexcrawl. In that vein, it seems only natural to utilize that little bit of Krypton on Earth, Superman's Fortress of Solitude as the site of a dungeon. It's a bit high tech, true, so it would work best in post-apocalyptic or science fantasy games. Here are the floor plans.


Level 1 (note the "save or die" disintegration pit):

Level 2:

Level 3's exact floorplan is unrevealed. You'll have to work that one out yourself.

The image at the top of the post is a conceptualization of the Fortress from a later era, but it gives some nice imagery for various rooms or areas.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully baroque and bizarre is the Fortress of Solitude, it would be a suitably interesting and dangerous place to explore. Especially if some of the Kryptonian creatures had escaped from captivity.

Gothridge Manor said...

Superman has his own zoo? Wonder when he has time to feed them and scoop the poop out. Wonder if he uses the disintegration pit for poop disposal? These are the things I think about.