Friday, November 20, 2015

Real Dungeon, American Style

Back in rpg blogging's Golden Age (well, the part of it I was there for). I wrote a series of posts about "real" (meaning some people believe them to be real) dungeons of America. It seemed like a good time to collate those in one place.

Burrows Cave: A burial southeastern Illinois.
The Grand Canyon: It's not just big. It's weird.
Coral Castle: Not an actual castle, but still kind of cool.
Murder Castle: A real Tomb of Horrors in Chicago.
Lizard City Under L.A.: "Busy Los Angeles...stands above a lost city of catacombs..."


Will Arnold said...

The two castle links go to the grand canyon post

Trey said...

Oops. Fixed.

Geoff Nelson said...

Chris C. said...

Awesome. My summer vacation itinerary for the next few years is now set.