Thursday, July 28, 2016

Go Ape with 5e

As presented in the original films, the apes are fairly un-ape-like in characteristics (because of course, they are played by people in masks, but that’s beside the point). Taking what we see on screen and what we are told of ape history as true, we may assume they have been genetically modified/selectively bred to something closer to a australopithecine morphology. They don’t possess the long upper limbs and associated strength, relatively stronger jaws, or opposable great toes of modern apes.

Ability score increase. +1 to any two abilities of their choice.
Speed. The apes of POTA are more bipedal than extant apes, but their foot structure still doesn't appear to be as optimized for upright walking as a humans, and they tend to have a stooped posture. Base walking speed is 25.
Grounded. For whatever reason, apes are less susceptible to illusions and mind control. They have an advantage on saving throws to resist such attacks or attempts at subterfuge.
Keen Nose. Proficiency in smell-related Perception checks.


Ability score increase. +1 Intelligence.
Studious. Gain proficiency in either one Intelligence or Wisdom skill, or a tool proficiency.

Ability score increase. +1 Strength.
Menacing. Gain Intimidation proficiency.

Ability score increase. +1 Charisma.
Knowledge Keeper. Gain proficiency in one Intelligence skill.


Dennis Laffey said...

I like it!

Although I do have to ask if it's intentional that the basic ape gets +1 to two abilities of choice, plus subtype gives +1 to a certain score, meaning they can get either +2 to the subrace score and +1 to another score, or +1 to three scores if they choose?

Side note: one of the things I did like about the Marky-Mark remake was the way they utilized CGI to make the apes move more like real world apes. But yeah, I'm still fond of the hunched, rolling gait of apes in the original films.

Trey said...

Yes, that is intentional. Most 5e races get at least a total +3 the ability scores.

Rick Baker did the 2001 ape design, I believe and it is all around more apish. The newer prequels are, of course, even better in that regard.