Friday, October 21, 2016

Apes of the Southwest

Here's the map with some events labelled from my ongoing Planet of the Apes game. Of course, this old map contains cities and roads, none of which continue to exist in the 36th century.

Review the highlights of the campaign here.


Anonymous said...

Great map.

I would think that tracking the War Wheel back to it point of origin would be pretty easy, that thing has to leave quite a trail.

Trey said...

One would think!

Brutorz Bill said...

This is truly awesome!

jdh417 said...

That's my neck of woods in Las Cruces (cut off there in west). Here's a post-apocalyptic adventure I made up for Mutant Future that might add some adventure ideas.

Here's an archive of Marvel's old Planet of the Apes comic magazine.

Trey said...

The POTA archive is definitely something I've delved into!

Thanks for the link to the adventure! I suspect that will come in handy.