Monday, February 13, 2017


Luis Royo
Watching the new season of The Expanse has led me to start thinking about a game I ran in GURPS perhaps decade ago. A "hard" science fiction thing using a lot of stuff from Transhuman Space put giving it more of a Cowboy Bebop spin: a little bit cyberpunk, a little bit 70s action film.

Howard Chaykin
If I ever ran a similar I again, besides using a system besides GURPS, I think I would draw more visually from '80s and 80's sci-fi, borrowing some elements from things like American Flagg! and 80s cyperpunk rpgs. The players' would still be ne'er-do-well, planet-hopping bounty hunters/troubleshooters but with a different skin.

Janet Aulisio


Chris C. said...

Very cool idea. I dig it.

Geist said...

Awesome! Although, I was disappointed there was no mention of Adventures, or a Forbidden Zone.

Tallgeese said...

Yesterday, you got me to pick up "Ancillary Justice" again. Today, maybe Eclipse Phase.

Trey said...

@Geist - Maybe next time. ;)
@John Till - Glad I could help.

Uncle Sam said...

Stop, you had me at Cowboy Bebop. :-) Seriously, sounds cool to me. Maybe a supplement for Strange Stars in the future?

Higgipedia said...

I would read/buy/play this game.