Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Pleasure Palace of the Libertine Sea King

An adventure idea:

The King of the Sea is renowned for his Hugh Hefnerish lifestyle, maintaining an infamous nautiloid-shaped folly and gardens for his revels. Sometimes, he surrounds it in a bubble of airy water so land-dwellers can join the fun.

Sometimes the Sea King gets busy with important matters (or in this particular case, drama with his sea witch of an ex-wife), his beautiful and mischievous concubines take matters into their own hands, and invite illicit lovers of their own...

So this would basically combine Jason Sholtis's Secret Partyhouse of the Hill Giant Playboy with Leiber's "When the Sea King's Away". Highlights include:

Groovy architecture:

Vindictive Sea Wtiches:
Art by Arthur Adams

Octopus Guardsmen:

And b-list undersea celebtriy revellers.


Jay Dugger said...

If you're not going to mention the relevant manga and anime, I'll also exercise restraint and leave those references as an exercise for other readers.

Trey said...

I'm not aware of those anime and manga, but promoting individual research effort is good.

Anonymous said...

Love that groovy architecture!

And do not forget exotic foods and the treasures of drown civilizations and shipwrecks.