Friday, April 28, 2017

Mortzengersturm in Print

The printer's beat the deadlines, and so I have the a few copies of Mortzengersturm, the Mad Manticore of the Prismatic Peak (available now in pdf) in my hands. The reminder of the print run should be here before North Texas RPG Con.

Why not the usual print on demand? I very much wanted a comic book format for the book (to go with the comic book-y overall design and the print-on-demand services we have been using don't have the best options for that format.

Now that I see the print copies, I'm glad I did as they look great. (These blurry pictures may not do it full justice).

Anyway, the print copies were mostly intended for convention sales; I'm not (and Hydra's not) ready at to jump into order tracking and fulfillment with both feet, but I've ordered more than I'm likely sale at conventions in the near future, so I want to make the rest of the print run available for order. My thinking new is of the 100, 50 will be set aside for cons and what not, and 50 will be up for grab, so supplies will be limited. Obviously, if there is huge demand there will be another print run, but it would have to be big because it's no my intention to turn my house into a shipping center.

Stay tuned. I'll announce it here, of course, when I'm going to start taking orders.

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