Friday, June 9, 2017

Weird Revisited: The Slime Emotional Spectrum

This post appeared almost five years ago to the day. Multi-colored ring wearers were a new thing in comics at the time. Since the time it originally appeared, I've wondered what infrared and ultraviolet slimes might feed on, but I haven't yet come up with a satisfying answer.

If power rings can come full spectrum, so can slimes.  Let's run the list:

Red: The color of blood, these slimes are drawn to violence or displays of anger. They show up just after battles to absorb victor and victim alike. As they dissolve prey, their color deepens.
Orange: In some ways, these slimes (which have the look and consistency of pulped oranges) are the most sinister. Drawn to cheerful moods, they wait to take adventurers leaving dungeons after successful delves. Chemicals in their substance cause uncontrollable laughter in those they attack.
Yellow: Timid in their movements, these slimes feed off cowardice and fear. Fleeing adventures or monsters will draw their attention.
Green: Greed and avarice bring this species oozing out of the darkness. They tend to lie in wait around treasure troves.
Blue: Sadness and depression are the lures for these. They tend to try to trap creatures in a room for which there is no escape. They move in slowly, seeming to savior the despair as it builds.
Indigo: More rarefied in their appetites than others (if a slime can be said to be rarifed) these slime seek to absorb magic-users and others seeking transcedence through knowledge. Magic tomes and ancient inscriptions draw them. They may wait quiescent for years for a victim in the right mindset.
Violet: These slime do something positive on their own perverse way.  As they flow over victims they bring calm and soothe negative emotions.  This is no doubt a solace to the person so consumed.


Scott Anderson said...

That's so fun! It's a different spectrum from the traditional black pudding - Grey ooze - orche jelly - green slime - violet fungus - yellow mold - gelatinous cube spectrum!

Chris C. said...

Hmmm... can't think of anything that would *draw* ultraviolet and infrared slimes. Maybe they actually create the emotions instead. E.g. infrared causes rage that makes a party turn on itself, then it feeds on the battle's remains? Or Ultraviolet brings such peace it works as a sleep spell? And they're invisible except to infra- and ultra-vision?

I dunno...I can see the difficulty in coming up with something satisfactory.

I love the color concept though for the others.

Jay Exonauts said...

NICE! Now we just need a moody split personality rainbow slime!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps mood slimes start out as colorless slimes and are "primed" by the first strong emotion they encounter? said...

Ultraviolet could attack you when you were feeling your moment of greatest achievement,and infrared could attack you at your lowest, most tragic moment. Both could be interdimensional ambush predators.

Malcadon said...

Nice! I remember trying to do something like this, but for mood-altering radiation for my Gamma World/Mutant Future games. Great idea, making it colored slime. This is something I'll likely use in a foreseeable GW/MF game. I included my own ideas:

Black: This one is the hardest to spot, as they absorb light and give off no reflection. The aura alone is enough to to absorb all emotion, leaving anyone too close into a depressing, unemotional state. This slime not just dissolve the body, but also dissolve ones soul and psychic strength to nothingness, leaving nothing to be resurrected nor any residual psychic energy to be picked up by psychometry. This slime is harmed by bright light.
White: This milky-white slime is drawn by life itself! The aura it give off heightens emotions to anyone too close to it, usually coursing fear, anger or anxiety. As such, trapping this slime in an inescapable, opaque jar could allow hedonists to enhance their own sensations or stimulants. It will not just absorb the body of its victims, but also trap their souls, manifesting their faces all across its form. Although mute, lip-reading would reveal their lost and confused state. Witnessing this slime, with its many faces, can induce insanity.
Pink: This type is attracted by lust and passion. It will follow the lustful and lovestruck alike. When it is within range of its victim, it strikes with a mass of tentacles, forcibly trying to induce sexual gratification, before dissolving the victim with white ooze, in the height of sexual climax. (For some unknown reason, they are most drawn to Japanese school girls.)