Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Whom Gods Destroy

Later she would claim to be named for a "cosmos-slithering dragon of interstellar legend" the hyper-Jormungandr of the time before the Old Gods died, but at first she called herself "Madame MacEvil." It had the ring of the menaces born in the fires of Apokolips: just ask Granny Goodness, Doctor Bedlam, or the Deep Six. Cosmic evil advertises and cares not if you think it banal. Madame McEvil, Moondragon, was not on the side of Apokolips, though. She mimed the madness of its minions as a sort of sympathetic magic, a way to bring down the dread Darkseid himself.

Or maybe she had just gone crazy. Being a mortal raised in a austere monastic tradition of the gods can do that. You cannot gaze upon the glory of Supertown and remain unchanged. Ask the boy who sampled the Forever Peoples' cosmic capsules.


Michael Moscrip said...

Still hoping she somehow appears as Drax's daughter in the mcu. Somehow.

Joshua Kubli said...

Sinister's family got shafted at Ellis Island's secret startport. The Sinestros from the old country still sneer at them.

trey causey said...

Scott Martin​ After reviewing the suspicious accounts of the car accident that killed Lena Luthor's parents and left her an orphan and noting the shared psychic powers and familial baldness, I believe your theory of a Luthor-Moondragon connection is accurate.