Monday, March 26, 2018

What Do You Want to See?

Hopefully, everyone who reads this blog is aware of (and enjoying) the two Land of Azurth products on the market. I have two more planned currently: a second issue of the Azurth Adventures Digest and the adventure The Cloud Castle of Azurth. Both are running behind schedule due to real life stuff, but I still intend to bring them out.

Blog comments are exactly profuse these days, but I thought it was worth asking both here and on social media: What particularly would those who appreciate Azurth material like to see in the future? More adventures, maybe something in the other countries of Azurth beyond Yanth? A pure setting book? While I can't promise I will go with suggestions, the content of the second Azurth Adventures Digest was at the suggestion of Enworld's Chris Helton. So I do listen sometimes!


Anne said...

I think the combo of setting details + mini-adventure + monsters (and sometimes + character options) is a good way of presenting things.

This is pretty much what you did in the first Azurth digest, it's pretty much what happens in every issue of Wormskin.

Pure setting details (or setting + character) tends to be too much, I think, although Paizo & WotC seem to be able to get away with it. A bit of setting, plus a concrete way to engage with the setting (do this adventure, fight these monsters), plus maybe advice for players on how to portray natives (use these character options, consider this setting information, contemplate these roleplaying suggestions) - it's less overwhelming and more instantly usable.

Plus, obvs, pure modules like the Mad Manticore can be picked up by anyone, but it's harder to pass along much setting information in such a format.

So I guess my vote is for more issues of Azurth digest, exploring whichever locales strike your fancy. A tour of the four colored kingdoms might be nice. Demonland and the mushroom people seem esp interesting to me personally.

Trey said...

Thanks, I certainly think the digest is a good format--other than the lack of POD makes me have to mail them out.

Anne said...

I can see how that would be a hassle.

How difficult would it be to have issue 2 and later be in a slightly different size that IS available POD?

Trey said...

If I went to a site other than OBS, it might even be available. I'll have to look into that.

Luka said...

I would always say more adventures!

Pun Isaac said...

I like the Azurth digests. They give me a taste of the setting (which I'm very interested in), but not too much. Also you're adventures are entertaining, even if they're mini adventures. I think this is why the digest is a great format for more Azurth.