Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wednesday Comics: The Runaway Shadow

Though it's been slower going than we would have liked, the second issue of Underground Comics is still one it's way. Here's a a newly lettered page from the Land of Azurth story "The Runaway Shadow" featuring Wayon the Frogling drawn by Jeff Call:


Anne said...

Does this Limus Sludge fellow hale from Under-Azurth?

(Also, can you remind us how to get issue 1 of Underground Comics?)

Trey said...

Limus Sludge has a mysterious background, as is not uncommon for wizards. Some suspect he hails from Sub-Azurth, but this is really based on the homology his chosen medium has with the slime and ooze of Oozurth.

You can get Underground Comics #1 in print or digital from IndyPlanet or in digital from Comixology. It features Jeff's "Dungeon Dog," a Operation: Unfathomable related tale by Jason, and stuff by James West, Luka Rejec and Stefan Poag.