Friday, June 21, 2019

Weird Revisited: Over There

The original version of the post appeared in 2015. I still like this idea, just haven't got around to using it in any way.

Take the fairyland across the border of Lud-in-the-Mist or A Fall of Stardust. In between it and the "real world" there is a wall or barrier-- let's say an "Anti-Alien Protection Rampart" in official terminology. Instead of England on the real world side there's East Berlin and the GDR or some subtle Eastern Bloc stand-in. Drüben, indeed.

While "Workers of the World, Unite Against the Faerie!" would be interesting enough, recasting the fairy presence with some Zone phenomena-like details out of Roadside Picnic and a bit of the seductiveness of the Festival from Singularity Sky: "Entertain us and we will give you want you want." Faerie should be weird and horrifying but also weird and wondrous--in a horrific way, naturally. Miracles, wonders, and abominations.

Of course, the authorities don't want anybody having interaction with the faerie, much less smuggling in their reality-warping, magical tech--and maybe they have a point. But if PCs did the smart thing they wouldn't be adventurers, would they?


JB said...

I like the idea less for a D&D campaign and more for a pseudo-Storyteller (i.e. White Wolf) kind of game. Something of limited sessions, though perhaps with later sessions featuring recurring characters.

Of course you already have something like this with (or adaptable from) Ars Magica, Otherkind, and Changeling (either version...though I prefer 2E for its darker version). Wasn’t there also a game called Faerie Noir or something? Never did pick that one up.

Trey said...

That sounds reasonable. I think the things you mention are only similar in the more basic way: Faerie interacts with the real world. In fact, two of those are about the characters being beings of faerie, which would work against Faerie being alien, unknowable, and frightening. Plus, none of them have the authoritarian state vs. alien faerie" angle at all.

JB said...

They don't but they *could.*
; )